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2015 Volunteer Coordinator Opportunities!

The Tour de BBQ is seeking passionate, altruistic individuals who want to benefit their community and take on a leadership positions with one of Kansas City’s premiere nonprofit organizations! If you’ve got experience in fundraising, public relations, social media strategy, organizing road rides, are obsessed with barbecue, or just want to help us benefit our community, we’d love to hear from you.  Send us an email and introduce yourself – tourdebbq@gmail.comResumes encouraged!

Open Positions

Sponsor Coordinator: This individual will be responsible for recruiting area businesses to be Tour de BBQ sponsors. A background in sales or public relations is encouraged. This individual will also organize a volunteer team to obtain prizes from KC businesses to be used as fundraising incentives. Compensation may be available based upon the business plan put together by the sponsor coordinator.

Fundraising Coordinator: This team member will work with the social media coordinator and the Tour de BBQ Board of Directors to encourage and monitor rider fundraising. Fundraising is a major component for our organization and an area where major growth opportunities exist. This committee member will also work make sure that prizes are delivered to top fundraisers.

Public Relations Coordinator: The volunteer who assumes this position will be responsible for working with regional and national news outlets to promote the Tour de BBQ. They will also work closely with the Board of Directors to create promotional content and identify marketing opportunities. The PR Coordinator will also work directly with the Social Media Coordinator to create, post, and monitor content on the Tour de BBQ’s social media channels.  This applicant will be responsible for maintaining the Tour de BBQ’s branding across all platforms.

Social Media Coordinator: This volunteer is responsible for creating, posting, and monitoring content across the Tour de BBQ’s social media platforms. Applicants for this position must be willing to create a content calendar and work closely with the Board of Directors and Public Relations Coordinator to maintain the Tour de BBQ’s branding.

Community Cycling Liaison: The Tour de BBQ is always looking for cyclists who will promote the Tour de BBQ at local, regional and national cycling events. If you would like to help us get the work out, promote the event at local rides, organize rides, beta test the 2015 Tour de BBQ routes, and participate in the design of our event, we’d love to hear from you!

Open-Ended Volunteer Opportunities: Got an idea for how you can help the Tour de BBQ but don’t see it listed above?  Get in touch and tell us how you’d like to help!



What is the Tour de BBQ?

The Tour de BBQ, which will be held on September 26, 2015, is KC’s tastiest event on two wheels. It is a “tour” – not a race – where riders choose between routes of 15, 35, and 62 miles. What makes the event unique is that the rest stops for each route are some of Kansas City’s most famous barbeque restaurants where riders are provided a sample of that restaurant’s offering. After cyclists complete their route, they’re greeted with Boulevard Beer, more barbeque and a free concert.

Funds raised by the Tour de BBQ support the Midwest Cancer Alliance’s Transitions Clinic – a program for young adult survivors of pediatric cancer. The Transitions Clinic is a partnership between the University of Kansas Cancer Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital. The Tour de BBQ will provide funds for a nurse navigator to assist adolescents as they transition from pediatric to adult oncology treatment.

Since its inception in 2009, the Tour de BBQ has donated nearly $400,000 to fight cancer in Kansas City. To view videos about our event, learn who we help and what this event is about, click here.

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  • Thank you to everyone who helped make the 6th annual Tour de BBQ a success—our riders, sponsors, & volunteers made this a ride to remember!
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  • RT : Did 34 miles at the today...first time riding road bike too...I will now invent a comfortable bike seat
  • RT : It's been 2 months since my knee surgery. 1 month ago I set a goal to ride 60 miles in the charity... http://t.co/XE7DxWWWnc
  • RT : Awesome to ride with my bro-in-law just a year after a bike accident broke his back! #tdbbq http://t.co/2zJPR6fXnu
  • RT : Tour de BBQ 60 mile finish! Perfect weather! ☀️Jamie Steve Dan Pedigo Abe #gripnrip http://t.co/tHIxnXVkry
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