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  • Everyone who fundraises least $150 this yr will receive a 2014 #tdbbq jersey & a Sport-Brella Flip-Box cooler! http://t.co/o1tpeQ6umi
  • Happy Friday! Today's your last chance to lock in our introductory registration rates! Prices increase tomorrow. http://t.co/mmEkFfyVgO
  • To ensure we have enough BBQ & such for all our riders, we're capping this year's registration at 1500. Register now! http://t.co/LofnIJrFqz
  • RT : Sign up for at this year - ride, great cause, great ride, great BBQ! http://t.co/8GL1bBlGtu http://t.co/flUrdEVm6B
  • We forgot to raise our rider fees for August. Since we goofed, we're going to offer the lower rates til Friday 8/29! http://t.co/mJ91xawBcl
  • Thank you to National Beef! Their encouragement & enthusiasm has been invaluable in our fight against cancer in KC! http://t.co/iAmxm1mDX7
  • Introducing Morgan Simpson—our '14 Grand Marshal! Cancer survivor & Transitions Clinic patient http://t.co/FoiNgWLYvq http://t.co/F9qPODRhMR
  • Woodyard BBQ is authentic, smoke-the-meat-on-the-porch kind of #KC BBQ. Experience it before the Tour! https://t.co/8WLgoOYuZV
  • Preliminary routes are posted! Check out the 15, 35 & 62 mile courses & see where you'll be sampling #KC's best BBQ! http://t.co/miTY3tZRIb
  • We hope you'll ride w/ us on 9/27 as we attempt to raise $100K for the Transitions Clinic right here in KC! more info—http://t.co/zsujdeIlmu