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  • Give us your thoughts on this yrs ride—we're constantly working to improve the ride year after year, #tdbbq 2015 planning starts now!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped make the 6th annual Tour de BBQ a success—our riders, sponsors, & volunteers made this a ride to remember!
  • RT : Fun 60 mile Saturday on w/ ! http://t.co/Hr5aCuwfJq
  • RT : Tour de BBQ Stop & Go! Full Slab Fun! Urban riding! #tourdebbq #gripnrip http://t.co/PUqAiKcNM7
  • RT : Did 34 miles at the today...first time riding road bike too...I will now invent a comfortable bike seat
  • RT : It's been 2 months since my knee surgery. 1 month ago I set a goal to ride 60 miles in the charity... http://t.co/XE7DxWWWnc
  • RT : Awesome to ride with my bro-in-law just a year after a bike accident broke his back! #tdbbq http://t.co/2zJPR6fXnu
  • RT : Tour de BBQ 60 mile finish! Perfect weather! ☀️Jamie Steve Dan Pedigo Abe #gripnrip http://t.co/tHIxnXVkry
  • RT : Thinking about swapping out one of my water bottles...not sure if this counts as proper hydration. #tdbbq http://t.co/FQ2T2bJSbW
  • RT : Post burnt ends and grits! $ http://t.co/47cn99zaK3