2019 Routes

This is an urban ride, that means there are roads that may have heavy traffic and big intersections. Our number one concern is rider safety. Each course is mapped out with the safest possible route between each rest stop. All riders must follow standard traffic laws and regulations. All riders must wear a helmet. No helmet = no riding.

Each rider will receive a color wrist band that reflects the course he/she registered for. All riders must wear their wrist band to receive FREE BBQ and experience the post-ride festivities. Each route is marked by cones and biodegradable route arrows. Cones will be placed on the route before every decision point and after every decision point (example – if you are approaching a turn you will see a cone right before the turn and then right after the turn). You will also be given cue cards at packet pickup.


GPS Routes

The route(s) will be fully marked with cones and arrows at every turn. Cones will be placed on the route before every decision point and after every decision point (example – if you are approaching a turn you will see a cone right before the turn and then right after the turn). Also, color coded Route Arrows will be placed at every decision point. You will also receive cue cards with turn by turn directions.

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BBQ Rest Stops

Each route stops at specific BBQ Restaurants called “Rest Stops”. Riders MUST only stop at Rest Stops on the route they registered for. Restaurants only have enough BBQ for the projected amount of riders for each route. Each Rest Stop will have a sampling of BBQ, water/hydration mix and a small sampling of various chips, cookies, pretzels, Hammer Gels, etc… Please plan to bring your own food if you are requiring specific nutrition.

BBQ Time Frames

In order to receive BBQ at a rest stop, riders must reach a rest stop at a specific time frame. We do this so the restaurants know when to expect the early and the late riders. If a rider arrives earlier or later than the time frame, they are not guaranteed BBQ. Please plan your ride accordingly to allow yourself plenty of time at each stop.

Start Times

Due to the number of riders participating, we will be doing a staggered start with specific start times for each distance (listed below).  You will be released in waves of 100 and will not be permitted to leave earlier than your start time. This will ensure you have a great experience at the rest stops and don’t overwhelm our restaurant partners for this event.  Waves are on a first come, first serve basis. There will be no assigned waves. Please be patient with this process.

Full Slab (62 Mile) Start Times

  • 7:30AM – Wave 1
  • 7:40AM: Wave 2

Long Stack (35 Mile) Start Times

  • 8:30AM – Wave 1
  • 8:40AM: Wave 2
  • 8:50AM: Wave 3

Short Stack (12 Mile) Start Times

  • 9:30AM – Wave 1
  • 9:40AM: Wave 2

Inclement Weather

The Tour de BBQ will proceed rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, the event will be delayed as long as possible in hopes the inclement weather will pass. Participants will be notified via email and social media if any delays or changes take place.. We suggest following us on Facebook for all up to date info!

Rider Waiver

All riders will be required to sign a waiver prior to checking in. Please download the USA Cycling Waiver Here and bring with you to packet pickup. You CAN pick up other riders packets with a signed waiver!

Pre Rider Checklist

Helmet - REQUIRED Extra Bike Tubes Bike Patch Kit Bike Pump Route Cue Cards - Given to you at packet picku Cell Phone - REQUIRED Water Bottle Special Nutritional Requirements Rider items can be purchased at SCHEELS, our Packet Pickup Sponsor:

If you have an emergency, please call 573-340-8629
The Tour de BBQ rider hotline

Short Stack Stops


Long Stack Stops


Full Slab Stops

Current Weather

Kansas City
53° F
humidity: 46%
wind: 6.79 mph W
dew point: 33.22°
visibility: 10 miles

SAG Support McCarthy Auto Group

Course support and SAG vehicles will be limited and based on rider needs. It is the responsibility of the rider to bring the proper bike repair equipment and to know his/her level of physical fitness. With that said, we will have 5 SAG Support vehicles on the course to pick up and drop off riders thanks to McCarthy Auto Group. There will also be bike mechanics at specific BBQ Stops to help with MINOR repairs

Bike Maintenance

Local bike shops will be at selected Rest Stops to provide minor bike maintenance. Please come prepared and bring along tools, and extra tubes, and tube patch kits just to make sure you can help yourself in case of a flat on any ride. Big thank you to Family Bicycles, Trek Kansas City, Bike Stop, and Bicycle Shack for providing bike maintenance